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EchoTech Marine XR15w Pro LED Lighting EchoTech Marine

EcoTech Marine XR15w Pro Coral


The newest generation of Radions radically re-define the simplicity, beauty and power of the LED light. The best aquarium LED light in the world just got better. Simply put, the G4 Radion the best thing since the G3 Radion. 

More Color
The Radion G4 features a whole new cluster. The re-balancing of proven colors combined with the addition of warm white and violet takes color rendition for your corals to the next level. Reconfiguration of the clusters compliments the all-new HEI lenses to deliver balanced color mixing better than ever before.

EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications

More Coverage
EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications

The HEI lenses on the G4 deliver more usable light area. This is accomplished by spreading light that would normally create an area of high PAR directly under the LED fixture and redirecting it to a significantly wider optimal area of intensity for coral health and growth. This will reduce shadowing in the aquarium as well as increase usable space for coral at all depths. 

More Civilized
EcoTech aims to produce the most minimally intrusive equipment available. The G4 continues to boast Radion’s sleek styling and small footprint but now also features greatly reduced operational noise. To achieve this the G4 incorporates a completely redesigned heatsink with new geometry and micro-fins.

More Control
More colors means more channels. The G4, like its predecessors, will be instantly recognized by EcoSmart Live and can be added to an existing or new ESL account either through USB or with the Reeflink. *Channel control is updated to match the new clusters and includes Violet and Warm White.

Generation 4 includes the most sophisticated lens design available. HEI lenses deliver the light uniformity and color mixing of a halide T5 combo without sacrificing the power and efficiency of the LEDs.

The G4 utilizes the most advanced top-bin diodes offered by CREE, OSRAM and Semiled to produce mind-blowing color rendition. The evolution of color in LED fixtures started with the original full-spectrum Radion. The G4 builds on this impressive legacy by further advancing both the available spectrum and channel control.

HEI Optics revolutionize LED output by providing unprecedented light distribution and spread. This lens geometry re-distributes the unnecessarily high par peaks that are otherwise present under the fixture.

EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications

How impressive is the new HEI lens design? Just compare the previous generations of Radion lenses, which utilized the best optical technologies of the time. Observing the respective PAR distribution of the reflector and TIR lenses, it is immediately apparent that HEI Optics offer a significant improvement from the perspective of providing usable coverage. 

EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications

EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications 

Quiet Active Cooling 
The G4 heatsink has been designed from the ground up to maximize surface area and allow for superior heat dispersion. Multiple channels provide unrestricted airflow. With such effective heat management, the need to actively cool the LED is greatly reduced and with it airflow and fan noise.

EcoTech Radion Gen3 Specifications
Web-Based Control Platform 
Control your equipment anywhere, any time. No matter where life takes you, your tank is right there with you. EcoSmart Live is cloud-based, so you can access it through a web browser on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Enjoy the peace of mind that your reef and its inhabitants are cared for and safe. (And you can say goodbye to installing software or staying on top of updates. New features are installed automatically.)

Customize the way your equipment operates
How much control you take is up to you. For example, use one of the many predefined Radion lighting modes—or create your own special modes by controlling each color individually. You can even change your Radion light’s intensity during the day and adjust lunar phases at night.

Take EcoSmart Live to the next level
The ReefLink is not necessary to access EcoSmart Live but you’ll love the flexibility and freedom it provides. By eliminating the need to connect your Radion by USB to a Mac or PC, ReefLink keeps your aquarium always connected, always accessible. With a ReefLink, you can use an iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones and tablets to control your Radion lights.

    Radion Model Comparison

    Description: XR15W G4 PRO XR30W G4 XR30W G4 PRO
    Dimensions: 7"L x 7"W x 1.5"H (18cm x 18cm x 3.9cm) 11.8"L x 7"W x 1.5"H (30cm x 18cm x 3.9cm) 11.8"L x 7"W x 1.5"H (30cm x 18cm x 3.9cm)
    Weight: 3.5lbs.(1587g) 4.5lbs.(2041g) 4.5lbs.(2041g)
    Power Consumption: 95 watts 150 watts 190 watts
    Universal Input Range: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 1.3 A 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 2.0 A 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 4.0 A
    LED Array:
    • 4 - Cool White
    • 4 - Deep Blue
    • 4 - Blue
    • 2 - Green
    • 2 - Photo Red
    • 4 - UV
    • 2 - Violet
    • 1 - Warm White
    • 8 - Cool White
    • 6 - Deep Blue
    • 8 - Blue
    • 4 - Green
    • 4 - Photo Red
    • 4 - UV
    • 8 - Cool White
    • 8 - Deep Blue
    • 8 - Blue
    • 4 - Green
    • 4 - Photo Red
    • 8 - UV
    • 4 - Violet
    • 2 - Warm White
    Accessory Options:
    Single XR15 Arm RMS - Ridged single arm mount
    Single XR30 Arm RMS - Ridged single arm mount
    Multi-Light RMS Arms – requires track and slides
    Multi-Light RMS Track – requires arms and slides
    XR15 Multi-Light RMS Slide - moves and angles XR15
    XR30 Multi-Light RMS Slide - moves and angles XR30
    RMS XR714 – Hanging kit
    XR15 Light Diffuser - Maximizes color mixing
    XR30 Light Diffuser - Maximizes color mixing



    *The max size box we offer is 10" x 10" x 10". If your corals/fish do not fit in this size box, we will charge an additional shipping fee per additional box.

    We ship using UPS Next Day Air from Monday through Thursday for next day arrival. We do not offer Saturday delivery at this time. We do not ship orders the same day they are ordered. Once we ship your order, you will receive a tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number by 2:30 PM PST, (5:30 PM EST) expect your package to be sent the following day.

    Depending on the type of coral, some may need to be fragged before shipping out. Your order may be delayed to ensure the health of the livestock. If you need an exact date, please email us at

    We are not responsible for tracking your package or any questions you may have with UPS. 100% of the time they tell us to have the customer contact them instead. We are NOT responsible for weather delays, mechanical delays or missed delivery. You must contact UPS directly to resolve any of these issues.


    DOA's are rare, but in the event that a DOA occurs please email us either several photos at different angles or a short video showing the specimen in the bag. Please do this within 2 hours of the UPS delivery to get store credit for your DOA item. If any photo/video is sent beyond the time frame store credit WILL NOT be issued. No exceptions. Email any DOA's to

    We are not responsible for weather delays or missed deliveries for any reason. PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVAL. We will NOT issue a refund on shipping charges under any circumstance.

    Corals and fish need time to acclimate to their new environment. It is not uncommon for livestock to "act" abnormal when being introduced to a new system. If you feel that the fish/coral is in a questionable condition and may die the same day, please email us within the 2 hour delivery window. We will review your claim and have a decision on eligibility for store credit within 2 business days. 




    **In the event that we cannot supply you the fish/coral you ordered and you need to cancel, restocking fee is waived.

    **There may be a 7 day grace period before we can supply you a certain fish/coral. After the 7 day grace period, cancellation fee will be waived.

    When you purchase from our store, you agree to not make a dispute or chargeback under any circumstance. We will resolve any issues that you may have. 

    Please note that we are not responsible for:

    1.     Your water parameters are not up to par and your fish dies. 

    2.     Fish loss due to improper care. 

    3.     Anything that is beyond our control.