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AI Prime 16 HD - Reef Lounge USA

AI Prime 16 HD


What`s New and Cool:


The plastic construct of the new Prime and Hydra lineup benefits in two ways: better efficiency and better looks. The improvement to efficiency reduces the demands on active cooling for longer component life. Improvements to design a thinner fixture reduces their profile and presence over your aquarium.




Design improvements were made to the new Prime and Hydras to make them more water resistant, meaning that they are more resilient in moisture rich environments.




A dedicated moonlight LED and channel has been added, so now you can control moonlight separately from the other channels allowing for simulation of the natural lunar color and intensity.




myAI® app is free to download to control your lights simply and quickly with direct BLE connection.


Optics and Output


Referring to PAR, the output, color mixing and spread has all been improved. With more LEDs, providing a full spectrum is targeted with TIR lenses that shape the ouput of the light while improving efficiency. As a result, there is more color pop, a wider spread, and higher average PAR. The combination of LED placement and lens geometry help blend the light cluster, reducing the color separation.

The New Prime and Hydras share the same cluster of LEDs with the new optics.



The HD function of routing the power not being used by one channel into another is still a loved feature among the HD lineup - if it isn`t broke, don`t fix it, right?




Mounting hardware as previously available for Hydra and Prime fixtures will work with the new version lights. The exception is the Hydra Flex arm which will require a different light bracket due to the size difference in the new fixtures. The Flex arm bracket will change with he new fixtures. Older flex arms being used to mount the new lights will need a new light bracket.

New Feature Breakdown:

  • More LEDs
  • More PAR
  • More spread
  • Improved optics
  • Improved water resistance
  • Thinner form factor
  • Dedicated moonlight channel
  • More channels for a wider spectrum

Aqua Illumination Still Impressive Features:

  • The best value Aquarium lighting on the market
  • MyAI® app control
  • HD overdrive capability (route power to the spectrum you need)
  • AI customer support
  • The Prime 16HD can be mounted using AI`s existing Prime and HMS mounting accessories
  • Numerous mounting options. The bracket for the 32HD and 64HD on the flex mount will change in the Flex Arm packaging. HMS mounting solutions are identical. Prime mounting solutions are identical

Model Comparison

Model Dimensions Color Channels Total LEDs TIR Optics Wattage

Prime 16HD

Smart Reef LED

4.88 x 4.88 x 1.3in

7 (+ 1)

16 (+ 1)


Hydra 32HD

Smart Reef LED

7.28 x 5.375 x 1.42in.

7 (+1)

32 (+ 2)


Hydra 64HD

Smart Reef LED

11.875 x 5.375 x 1.42in.

7 (+1)

64 (+ 4)


What`s Included:

  • AI Prime 16HD LED Light Fixture
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide



*The max size box we offer is 10" x 10" x 10". If your corals/fish do not fit in this size box, we will charge an additional shipping fee per additional box.

We ship using UPS Next Day Air from Monday through Thursday for next day arrival. We do not offer Saturday delivery at this time. We do not ship orders the same day they are ordered. Once we ship your order, you will receive a tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number by 2:30 PM PST, (5:30 PM EST) expect your package to be sent the following day.

Depending on the type of coral, some may need to be fragged before shipping out. Your order may be delayed to ensure the health of the livestock. If you need an exact date, please email us at

We are not responsible for tracking your package or any questions you may have with UPS. 100% of the time they tell us to have the customer contact them instead. We are NOT responsible for weather delays, mechanical delays or missed delivery. You must contact UPS directly to resolve any of these issues.


DOA's are rare, but in the event that a DOA occurs please email us either several photos at different angles or a short video showing the specimen in the bag. Please do this within 2 hours of the UPS delivery to get store credit for your DOA item. If any photo/video is sent beyond the time frame store credit WILL NOT be issued. No exceptions. Email any DOA's to

We are not responsible for weather delays or missed deliveries for any reason. PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVAL. We will NOT issue a refund on shipping charges under any circumstance.

Corals and fish need time to acclimate to their new environment. It is not uncommon for livestock to "act" abnormal when being introduced to a new system. If you feel that the fish/coral is in a questionable condition and may die the same day, please email us within the 2 hour delivery window. We will review your claim and have a decision on eligibility for store credit within 2 business days. 




**In the event that we cannot supply you the fish/coral you ordered and you need to cancel, restocking fee is waived.

**There may be a 7 day grace period before we can supply you a certain fish/coral. After the 7 day grace period, cancellation fee will be waived.

When you purchase from our store, you agree to not make a dispute or chargeback under any circumstance. We will resolve any issues that you may have. 

Please note that we are not responsible for:

1.     Your water parameters are not up to par and your fish dies. 

2.     Fish loss due to improper care. 

3.     Anything that is beyond our control.